Art and Cask is your cooper of reference for the sourcing, repair and marketing of second-hand barrels of all sizes and from all sources.

Barrels of Cognac, Barrels of Calvados, Barrels of Armagnac, Barrels of Rhum, Barrels of Port, Barrels of Sauternes, Barrels of Rivesaltes… We offer all types of barrels for second-hand wines and of course Whisky.



The second-hand barrels that we offer are all freshly drained, and the wine lees are generally left in the barrel. We thus guarantee you freshly disgorged products.

All our second-hand barrels are selected by our CEO Patrice, which gives him a clear and precise vision of our purchases and bringing the barrels back into conformity.



The barrels are all revised by our COOPER MANAGER, he is also the one who prepares your orders and who loads your goods, generally wrapped in a custom-made cardboard cover. You will receive a photo of the loading of your orders by email or SMS when they leave.

Our various partnerships, including in America where we have just opened a depot, allow us to offer high quality second-hand barrels that correspond to and respect our traceability standards.

Barrels that do not meet our requirements are excluded from the marketing cycle.

In order to guide you in your choices, we have set up standards for our second-hand barrels.

You will have precise descriptions concerning the history of the barrels, the liquids contained, the smells, the organoleptic advantages, the methods of distillation or breeding and terroir.

Our transit warehouse in Bègles where casks are waiting to be dispatched.

All these “details” are capital, they allow you to be sure to choose the barrels which will satisfy you as for the expected results.
Always respecting Artisanal Cooperage, we guarantee a clean and neat shipment, the barrels are sanded on the outside at the customer’s request and your distillery name and logo can be laser engraved.

We put all our know-how at your disposal, our sales and technical teams are at your disposal and support you over the long term, because we share the same passion.

Barrels from very large houses pass through our workshops regularly.

Chateaux Yquem, Great Classified Growth Superior, Chateaux Lascombes, 2nd Classified Growth, Margaux, Chateaux Talbot, 4th Classified Growth Saint Julien Beychevelle, Domaine Guigal, Côte Rotie , Chateaux d’Ampuis, Hennessy Cognac, JM Rhum Agricole etc….

More and more “Vins Natures”, “Vins de France” are produced by very qualitative “Vignerons”. Casks coming from these Estate, are unique and provide a very qualitative finishes for whisky. Patrice Villeger is in touch on a daily bases with these “Wine Makers” in order to supply you with a constant regularity of “Premium” casks.


Through our American sister company, Art and Cask barrel import LLC based in Rio Rancho, USA, We have become a regular supplier of Fresh first fill, Grade A/B American Oak bourbon barrels to the Whisky and Spirit Industry Worldwide.

We Source Quality Premium Bourbon Barrels from the finest Distilleries and Cooperages in the USA.

We supply the biggest Spirit Groups in the world as well as many Independently owned distilleries all over the world.

Our clients are based in France, England, Wales, Ireland, Scotland, Central Europe, America, Canada ,South America, Australia ,Asia… 

Over 100 000 American Oak Bourbon Barrels go through Art and Cask Barrel Import LLC every year, thus making us an important actor in the Barrel supply chain.


(STR: Shaved, Toasted and ReCharred.)


We have a fleet of barrels, part of which has been renovated by hand by planing.

Respect for the fruit and freshness characterize the different tastings of the wines and whiskys aged in renovated barrels.

We attach particular importance to the traceability of these barrels.

Indeed, these casks come mainly from
rental contracts.

Bordeaux Transport 225L model in French Oak or American Oak.

Process: Disassembly of the bottoms, planing of the staves and bottoms, recovery of any defects, steam treatment, infrared heating, reassembly of the bottoms, scalding, complete sanding and marking.

Triple traceability: Provenance Property – Original cooperage – Renovation ART AND CASK COOPERAGE.

Expected effects: Restored oxygenation, original aromatic compounds (methyl-octalactones and vanillin) mostly recovered, melted woodiness and softening of your spirits.




Although we are able to produce new oak barrels to customer’s specification, we do not developpe at the moment this activity.

Other big cooperages in France do it so well…


Our “Carot Color” French Oak barrel

Discovered in the Ardennes Forestry, this unique oak is only 3 to 5% of all Oaks fallen.

It’s colour reminds us of a carot and is designed to promote the expression of Whiskies in their fruity or floral aromatics.

An unprecedented selection of wood


The Orange color oak barrel is made of wood selected for their richness in molecules belonging to the carotenoid family.

The degradation products of these molecules, under the influence of different factors such as oxidation or heat, give, amongst other things, norisoprenoids,aromatic compounds with fruity and floral nuances.

A synergy between norisoprenoids from wood and Whisky

Orange color oak accentuates the pre-existing character of a terroir while increasing the perception of fruitiness.

Flavor developer, Orange color Oak respects the innate character of the Cereals.

Only woods enter into its design carefully selected for its ability to intensify primary aromas, fruity and floral type of Whiskies.

To achieve the perfect balance of degradation of wood compounds of the Carot Color Oak barrel, we recommend a light to medium toast.

Tests with some World known distilleries have proven an extra fast maturation of whiskies.

These are new barrels and the tannins present in the wood have not been removed and they participate greatly with a light charing to a fast Premium Whisky.

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