My story

Peat and Flame,
a mesmerizing recipe
by Patrice Villeger

My story is above all that of an enthusiast.

Passionate with tradition, craftsmanship and elegance that took me into the world of Whisky.

From the age of 16, my apprenticeship began on the Isle of Islay in Scotland.

Scotland is fascinating, its endless landscapes, its indestructible mountains, its incredible myths and legends, its castles with a thousand enigmas, its islands hemmed with storms… make it a country that blends history, legend and dream.

I started by picking up the peat needed to heat the kilns, then I met James Brown, barley producer and owner of the fields producing the unique “Octomore”.

I then visited distilleries, met authentic people and that’s when I realized that Whisky would become my passion forever.

After a few years with the Threshers Group and Richard Wright, my knowledge was further consolidated, I developed the nose, the palate and learned the art of tasting.